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Money Confidence – A Free Online Course

The Family Place Foundation has secured funding to offer free Money Confidence courses to anyone over 19 and particularly to anyone who is care experienced and resident in Powys or Ceredigion.

These free online sessions have been designed to provide a stepping stone to help those struggling financially gain confidence in managing their money and offers an easy practical guide to show how small changes can make a big difference. The course will assist in setting goals, learning money management skills, developing budgeting techniques and exploring saving strategies. Part of the course will involve planning a day trip to Powis Castle, Dan-yr-Ogof Showcaves or The Silver Mountain Experience. Participants will then put what they have learned and planned into practice with fully funded admission to one of these destinations.

These empowering sessions are being delivered online in small supportive, non-judgmental groups.  They can be accessed from a computer or smartphone and are made up of an initial one-to-one meeting with a tutor and then three, two-hour sessions that take place over three weeks. There is an option for participants to select a 10am, 2.30pm or a 6pm course.

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Family Activity Days

Our Family Activity Days allow families to spend quality time together, doing activities they might not normally be able to do, supported by skilled specialist practitioners.

We plan these days with families so we can provide the level of support needed and ensure everyone can relax and enjoy being together.

Many families tell us they feel isolated, in need of connection and are unable to access support.

This project aims to create opportunities for connection, shared enjoyment and family memory-making. Family Activity Days can involve one or several families, depending on each family’s preference.

Our Family Activity Days have been running since June 2022 and have included canoeing, farm park visits, drumming and music workshops, and horse riding. Everyone involved has said how much they value this opportunity to have genuine fun together.

Our families told us that they have appreciated the opportunity to connect as a family.

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  • This kind of support is not available elsewhere and being involved with families outside our usual therapeutic input is a huge privilege

  • It has really strengthened our relationship with [the clinician] and has particularly developed [my child’s] security and level of trust in that relationship and this has been evident in our subsequent therapy sessions. It was a very special time, which we talk about often at home and will treasure for a very long time to come.


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Multi-Specialist Consultations

Our Multi-Specialist Consultations provide a rare opportunity for families to access professionals from different disciplines.

Ourspecialist practitioners come together as a team to focus on the difficulties a particular family is experiencing.

Parents and carers choose questions they need answers to. This can bring new perspectives and understanding of a situation for everyone. It can support family members to understand and respond to each other, resulting in stronger relationships and new energy.

Feedback from our families has been very positive. All the parents and carers who have taken part in a consultation have expressed that “being able to access a wide team has been helpful” and that they “…would recommend the project”.

  • It was really helpful to have such specific questions presented to such an experienced and wide-ranging team and being able to talk through the suggestions with [the clinician] afterwards was very valuable as she understands the particular nuances of our family setting and experience and so was able to present ideas in context. Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in this process, it is much appreciated.

    Adoptive parent

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Parent and Carer Workshops

Our specialist practitioners deliver workshops for parents and carers and the topics have been chosen by them.  Our Participation Group has highlighted a need for parents and carers to build connections with others in similar situations and to have a place to have their voices heard. We aim to provide a non-judgemental and expertly-facilitated space for parents and carers to share their experiences.

Workshop topics are wide-ranging and include:

  • An Introduction to Theraplay®
  • An Introduction to Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Parenting with PACE
  • The Teenage Brain
  • Managing Aggression
  • Parenting the Under-5s
  • Parents/Carers and Professional Networks – How To Have Your Voice Heard Constructively
  • Sensory Regulation
  • “What It’s Like Being Me” for Parents and Carers
  • This was brilliant – a real eye opener and now I understand better why the therapists do what they do, and how [my child’s] behaviours are affected by their in utero experiences…


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Family Respite Camps

Our Family therapeutic respite camps are genuinely unique. A group of families come away and are supported in a lovely setting by an experienced therapy team. We provide care and nurture, therapy support and lots of family activities. The aim is to help everyone to feel safe and relaxed and to provide opportunities to connect.  Parents and carers get a genuine break and the children and young people have fun and new experiences.

We aim to run two camps this year, one for younger children (4-12 year olds) and one for teenagers.

The younger child camp runs over three days, two nights, at a glamping site/activity centre and working farm. Families undergo intensive therapy, including parent-child sessions, parent only and whole group sessions. We facilitate a range of activities, including pizza making, farm walks and farm-animal feeding, communal lunches, den building, BBQs, camp fires, arts and crafts, and Forest School activities.

The adolescent camp runs over five days, four nights at a specialist therapeutic working farm called Jamie’s Farm. The young people are supported to try a range of activities, supported by the Jamie’s Farm team and The Family Place practitioners. There is a lot of outdoor time, work with animals and opportunities to work together in different groups. Therapy sessions are woven into the programme.

The high level of support provided at our camps means that families can relax and enjoy being together. Many families find it hard to attend typical activity events or to go on holiday. Parents tell us they can feel judged if their children’s behaviour is challenging and children tell us how hard it can be to join in and have fun with others. Our camps aim to do things differently – to give families respite from the pressures of daily life and for us all to do that together!

  • Honestly, everything was well thought out. Couldn’t be better. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I feel privileged.

  • We have all thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days. The children have met other children with similar stories and have enjoyed the attentiveness and expertise of all the staff to support and not judge them. Was great to be around others that understand daily struggles.

  • Can we stay a bit longer?

    I absolutely loved it!


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Child-Parent Therapeutic Groups

We are excited to be piloting a new child and parent and carer specialist group for young adopted and fostered children who have experienced early adversity. The group will focus on attachment relationships and regulation development and will be based on Theraplay®. 

This project aims to design, try out and evaluate a new kind of therapeutic group. Children unable to live with their birth families have often had negative experiences which can make their life harder. They may have difficulties with body coordination (e.g. bumping, crashing, lack of coordination), regulating emotions (e.g. emotional outbursts), holding attention (e.g. not being able to become absorbed in play or unable to focus their attention) and forming relationships (e.g. not looking to their carer for support, feeling insecure). 

In partnership with parents and carers, we will develop and evaluate a Specialist Group Programme which can be used by others in the future.

Currently seeking funding

Access to Specialist Emergency Support

Parents have asked us whether we can provide access to emergency support when things are very hard.

They have described how there are times that they feel overwhelmed and at a loss and it can be extremely challenging if they then have to wait a long time before being able to talk things through.

We are committed to providing last minute sessions, on an as-needed basis, in 30 minute time slots and with therapeutic specialists.